Purchasing Emergency Medical Service Vehicles Through ETA

Purchasing Emergency Medical Service Vehicles

EMS vehicles are more complex than regular vans and trucks because they contain extensive medical equipment and cooling systems. Choosing a reputable dealer like ETA ensures your EMS vehicles are reliable and mechanically sound. When buying EMS vehicles or working with a used ambulance dealer, several important factors must be considered.

Types of Emergency Medical Service Vehicles Offered by ETA

 Ambulance fleets vary to meet diverse emergency needs. Type I ambulances, on sturdy truck chassis, are typically used for transporting patients across long distances or rough terrain due to their durability and stability. Based on van chassis, Type II ambulances are designed for maneuvering efficiently in urban settings. Type III ambulances facilitate seamless patient care in both city and suburban areas. Quick Response Vehicles (QRVs) specialize in rapid emergency responses to reach patients quickly in urban and remote locations. Ambulance remounts offer a cost-effective solution for upgrading existing vehicles, extending their lifespan, and meeting modern operational standards. Below, we detail the different types of EMS vehicles ETA offers so your company can make the best purchasing decision.

Type I AmbulancesClay County EMS – Type 1 Ambulance Remount – Ford F550

Type I ambulances are built on sturdy truck chassis and have a separate driver’s cab and patient compartment. They often include advanced suspension systems like LiquidSpring for smoother rides over rough terrain. These ambulances prioritize storage and easy access to medical equipment, making them ideal for emergency situations requiring durable and spacious vehicles for effective patient care and transport.

2021 Dodge Ram ProMaster 3500 Type II Ambulance – Prisma Health Ambulance ServiceType II Ambulances

Type II ambulances are constructed on a standard van chassis, providing a compact and agile choice for emergency medical services. They integrate the driver’s area and patient compartment within the van’s structure, making them easier to maneuver in urban settings and simpler to park than larger ambulance types. Despite their smaller size, Type II ambulances offer adequate space for essential medical equipment and personnel, ensuring efficient care delivery during emergencies.

Type III AmbulancesCabarrus County EMS – Type III Ambulance – Ford E450

Type III ambulances are constructed on a van chassis and feature a seamless design that allows medical personnel to move easily between the driver’s area and the patient compartment. They are highly adaptable and can be customized to meet specific needs in emergency medical services, providing ample room inside for medical equipment and patient care. Type III ambulances are ideal for urban and suburban settings where maneuverability and accessibility are important considerations. They offer a practical balance between size and functionality, making them a favored option among EMS agencies looking for versatile and efficient ambulance solutions.

Saluda County EMS – QRV – Ford ExpeditionQuick Response Vehicles (QRVs)

Quick Response Vehicles (QRVs) are specialized vehicles that are used by emergency services to quickly respond to medical emergencies. They are smaller and more agile than regular ambulances, making it easier for them to navigate busy city streets or remote areas swiftly. QRVs are equipped with essential medical supplies and equipment to provide immediate patient care before a larger ambulance arrives or as a standalone unit. They play a vital role in improving the effectiveness of emergency medical services by reducing response times and ensuring timely medical assistance during critical situations.

Ambulance RemountsValley Medical Transport – Type III Ambulance Remount – Ford E450

Ambulance remounts involve refurbishing existing ambulances by updating their components or transferring the patient module onto a new chassis. This process helps EMS agencies extend the lifespan of their vehicles while incorporating modern features like advanced medical equipment and improved safety systems. Remounting ensures the ambulances meet current regulations and standards, enhancing their reliability and functionality. It’s a cost-effective option compared to buying new vehicles, allowing agencies to maintain their fleet efficiently without the expense of entirely replacing units.

Choosing Refurbished Models from ETA

Choosing a refurbished ambulance from ETA for your emergency response vehicles is smart for several reasons. ETA refurbishes these vehicles thoroughly, upgrading and renovating them to ensure reliability and safety. This option provides substantial cost savings compared to buying new ambulances while offering modern features and improvements. By selecting a refurbished model from ETA, agencies can deploy dependable vehicles that meet high standards for medical response services, making it a cost-effective and practical decision.

Harkers Island Fire & Rescue – Type I Ambulance – Ford E450


Selecting ETA for Quality and Reliability

ETA’s inventory of used ambulances prioritizes reliability and durability. Our team addresses mechanical issues and chassis concerns before selling vehicles. Whether you need a remount for a refurbished vehicle or a new purchase, ETA provides practical and cost-effective options for serving patients nationwide.

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