Cover Photo ETA's guide to ambulance remounts

ETA’s Guide to Ambulance Remounts

When it comes to saving lives, every second counts. For over 40 years, Emergency Transportation Services (ETA) has supplied ambulance remounts, offering EMS providers nationwide a comprehensive suite of efficient, dependable, and affordable services. ETA’s ambulance remounts transfer the ambulance module from a worn-out or damaged chassis onto a new one. These remounts are expertly handled by ETA specialists, ensuring that the ambulance remains operational and updated with the latest standards and technology.

ETA Ambulance Remount Capabilities

Instead of replacing your ambulance, consider an ETA remount. We offer a complete package, from repairing your existing module to selecting the perfect chassis and customizing the interior for your needs. This saves you money and gets your ambulance back on the road faster.

Module Repairambulance module repair

ETA ensures your ambulance is in top condition before putting it back on the road. Our team thoroughly assesses any existing damage to the module. The team doesn’t just remount it—they expertly repair and refurbish, guaranteeing a reliable and functional ambulance ready for your next call.


Suspension Upgrade

Our team prioritizes patient comfort and safety during your ambulance’s remount. That’s why Liquid Springs suspension upgrades are standard. This innovative technology minimizes bumps and vibrations, guaranteeing everyone a smooth and stable ride.


HVAC Upgradesambulance-hvac-upgrade

Our remount process prioritizes patient and crew comfort with a range of HVAC options. Whether your ambulance needs a complete system overhaul or a more efficient upgrade, our team has the expertise to ensure a comfortable temperature inside your vehicle – no matter the season.

side view ambulance remount ford f450 4x4 chassis type 1Chassis Selection

Our team works closely with trusted partners like PRV to ensure compatibility and availability when selecting the most suitable chassis for your remount. This collaborative approach guarantees a seamless and efficient remount process, getting your ambulance back on the road faster.


Electrical System OverhaulAmbulance Electrical System

Our remount process includes a comprehensive electrical system overhaul by our experienced electricians. This ensures your ambulance has a reliable and functional electrical system, ready to power all the critical life-saving equipment you rely on.

the inside lights and communication of a type 3 remounted ambulanceCustom Consoles

Our team prioritizes ergonomics, ensuring your equipment is arranged for optimal access and functionality. This translates to a smoother workflow for your crew and, ultimately, better patient care.



Benefits of Choosing a Remount

Remounting your ambulance offers a smarter alternative to buying a new one. It saves money and helps get your emergency vehicle back on the road. Plus, it’s a more eco-friendly option that extends the life of your existing equipment.

diagonal view of an ambulance in Missouri

Cost Savings

Remounting your existing vehicle offers a significant financial advantage over purchasing a brand-new ambulance. This cost-effective approach can save your organization between 30% – 45%, allowing you to reallocate resources toward other critical areas of patient care and service improvement.

Time Efficiency

Minimize downtime and maximize your impact. Remounting gets your ambulance back on the road faster than lengthy new vehicle orders. This translates to less time waiting and more time your EMS team can spend providing critical care to your community.

Vehicle Preservation

Remounting your ambulance extends the lifespan of your existing module, significantly reducing waste compared to purchasing a completely new vehicle. This eco-friendly approach promotes sustainability and allows you to continue providing essential services with a smaller environmental footprint.

Supporting American Industry

ETA proudly conducts remounting operations in several states across the USA, including Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Oklahoma. By serving these states, ETA contributes to local economies and supports American manufacturing.

ETA ambulance service USA areas

Having reliable ambulances is non-negotiable. With ETA’s extensive expertise in ambulance remounts, EMS providers can ensure that their vehicles are dependable, cost-effective, and customized to their specific requirements. Whether enhancing comfort, upgrading technology, or preserving existing assets, ETA is committed to helping EMS teams save lives, one remount at a time.

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