Keeping Your Ambulance Cool in the Summer Heat

Keeping your ambulance cool in the summer heat can be tough, especially in the southern U.S., where temperatures soar. Traditional ambulance air conditioners have issues, using chassis power and straining the engine. This lowers efficiency, hikes fuel use, and risks cooling system reliability. Overworking the engine in hot climates can mean more breakdowns and maintenance. Frazer tackled this with a self-contained ambulance AC, ensuring optimal cooling without relying on chassis power.

Self-Contained Air Conditioner for Ambulance

Frazer ambulances prioritize cooling efficiency with their standard self-contained 120V Dometic HVAC system. This powerful 1 ¼ ton air conditioner, strategically mounted in the rear of the patient compartment, ensures superior cooling performance. Equipped with a substantial 518CFM fan, it generates significant airflow to maintain optimal temperature levels. The forward-facing supply vents guarantee that crew members and patients receive maximum cooling, promoting comfort and well-being during transit.

Advanced Ambulance Longevity and Air Quality eta ambulance air conditioner interior cooling

By using an independently powered A/C system, Frazer ambulances reduce strain on the chassis, extending its lifespan and enhancing vehicle longevity. This proactive approach enables prolonged operational capability, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. These units prioritize air quality through various ventilation options, particulate filters, and ultraviolet light bulbs, ensuring a cleaner and safer environment during transit.

eta ambulance air conditioner exteriorMore Money Saved

Efficient cooling boosts comfort and brings tangible cost savings for operators. By maximizing cooling efficiency, Frazer ambulances lessen the need for air conditioners to run overtime, thus improving fuel consumption. Decreased strain on the cooling system also means lower troubleshooting and repair expenses. This dual benefit of enhanced efficiency and cost savings makes Frazer vehicles a practical choice for emergency vehicle fleets aiming to optimize operational expenditures without sacrificing performance.

Efficient Air Conditioning for Summer Heat

In emergency situations, faster cooling times are needed, especially when dealing with patients suffering from heat-related illnesses. Frazer units excel in this aspect, with recovery times as low as 5 minutes, ensuring swift temperature regulation even after loading patients. A programmable thermostat for easy access enhances cooling control, optimizing patient comfort during transit. This and many other reasons is why it’s important to keep your ambulance cool in the summer heat.

eta ambulance thermostat

Eliminating the Need for Chassis Idling

During those hot summer months, idling on scene can worsen rising temperatures and strain chassis engines. Frazer vehicles tackle this problem by using independent power sources for air conditioning, eliminating the need for chassis idling. This enhances cooling efficiency and cuts emissions, providing a more environmentally friendly solution for emergency vehicle operations.

Maintenance and Repair Solutions

Frazer ambulances ensure peak performance through regular maintenance. They provide comprehensive maintenance programs and resources, including easy-to-follow guides and instructional videos for air conditioner upkeep. Frazer vehicles are designed for quick and easy repairs, with modular components enabling efficient troubleshooting and replacement. This minimizes downtime and ensures continued operational readiness.

Frazer offers innovative technology with efficient cooling solutions for ambulances. With a 4-year parts and labor warranty on the AAP-Dometic air conditioner/heater units, customers can trust in the reliability and durability of their investment. Frazer and ETA have dedicated service teams ready to promptly address warranty issues or repair needs, ensuring uninterrupted performance when it matters most. If you encounter any A/C issues or require repairs, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with EMS or Frazer’s service team.

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