Frazer EMS Vehicle Factory Store at ETA

Emergency Transportation Associates is a proud Frazer factory store serving EMS, fire departments, private providers, and municipalities throughout North and South Carolina. Frazer is a leading manufacturer of emergency service vehicles and generator-powered custom EMS vehicles. Whether your team needs a factory direct Frazer EMS vehicle or is seeking an ambulance remount for your existing Frazer vehicle, ETA has the team you need to get back on the road to protect your communities.

Why Choose Frazer Emergency Vehicles?

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Factory Direct

ETA is proud to be a factory store for Frazer, ensuring customers go straight to the source, collaborating with the industry's finest sales, engineering, and service professionals.

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Cost of Ownership

Frazer vehicles boast the lowest overall cost of ownership in the industry, with customers seeing fleet maintenance cost reductions between 42% - 60%.

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Powerful A/C

Frazer prides themselves on providing powerful air conditioning through their 120V HVAC systems in all of their emergency vehicle offerings.

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Power Options

Each ambulance has a properly-sized, independent 120V power source to keep ambulance modules fully functional and ready to take on the task at hand.

Our Frazer Factory Store Services

As a Frazer factory store, ETA's team is uniquely capable of helping EMS directors, Fire Chiefs, and other emergency professionals find the perfect ambulance that meets your department's unique needs. We understand that your department has operational requirements that may necessitate a custom solution in order to provide the highest-quality patient care possible. At ETA we want to help build that custom solution with you.

No matter what your specifications calls for, ETA has the team and resources available to guide you through the process of building your next custom Frazer. Start building your Frazer emergency vehicle by contacting ETA today!

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Types of Vehicles Available Through ETA

ETA provides a full line of Frazer emergency vehicles to properly equip almost any first responder team. Our vehicle offerings include the following:

Type I | 12 ft.

Frazer's Type I 12 ft module offers an excellent solution for most EMS services. Six medics can comfortably treat a patient at one time, and each Frazer vehicle comes fully loaded with ample storage designed to store and protect all your life-saving equipment.

Type I | 14 ft.

For emergency professionals that require extra space, the larger module interior can accommodate even more equipment and paramedic crews to easily treat and interact with patients. Rescue gear, turnout-gear, and extra backboards can all be easily stored in the extra exterior storage space available in the 14 ft. model.

Type III | 12 ft.

Similar in design to the Type I 12 ft. model, the Type III 12 ft. Frazer unit features lower clearance, better maneuverability, and efficient cabinet layouts to accommodate your storage needs. With plenty of space and multiple cot retention options, it's a perfect solution for almost any emergency team.

Type III | 14 ft.

The 14ft Type III Frazer EMS vehicle features a larger patient compartment, stacked front cabinets, and optional secondary captain's chair for even more room to comfortably fit your crew and patients.

At ETA, we believe that when you work in emergency services, the vehicle you drive matters.

For the dependable, cost-effective, durable ambulances your team needs, look no further than ETA's Frazer factory store. Contact our team to find your next EMS vehicle today!

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