Winter is Here!

The current weather schedule indicates that winter is not only approaching, but is already here! Let’s highlight some of Frazer’s features that can enhance your experience in cold weather:

Embrace the Warmth

While Frazer’s Generator Powered EMS modules are renowned for their ice-cold air conditioning, it’s worth noting that the same system includes a powerful heater designed to keep you warm during chilly months. Our electrical setup allows you to connect to a shoreline, enabling you to run the A/C or heat while the vehicle is stationed. Combine this with exceptional insulation that provides top-notch thermal and acoustic protection, and you have yourself a cozy patient compartment regardless of external conditions.

For regions experiencing extreme cold, we offer a supplementary hot water heater that operates off the chassis heater. Just remember to reopen the valve on this heater as temperatures drop, especially if it was closed during warmer months.


frazer ambulance bumper Maintain Optimal Tire Pressure

Cold temperatures can sometimes impact tire pressure, leading to fluctuations and uneven tire wear. It’s a good habit to regularly check your tire pressure, but it becomes particularly crucial during winter.

Frazer provides CrossFire valve extenders with an integrated pressure gauge to simplify monitoring of your rear dual wheels. Easily fill both tires from one stem and keep a close eye on pressure. This option is beneficial all year-round, not just in winter.




Winter road conditions can cause trouble for even the best of drivers, and your crews don’t have time to wrestle with tire chains.

OnSpot tire chains are a great option if your area is prone to snow or icy conditions. Instead of dealing with full chains on your tires, the OnSpot system swings an actuated arm carrying chains right in front of the tire, offering extra traction without the hassle.

All the options mentioned above are available in Frazer’s Limited Edition package.



For additional details on these and numerous other outstanding Frazer options and features, feel free to contact a Frazer Sales Team member at 888-832-9371.

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