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ETA Ride-along: Being an Intern in the Ambulance Remount Industry

My name is Matt Sarno and I recently joined the Emergency Transportation Associates (ETA) team as an intern on June 4th, 2020. It has been a great learning experience so far as I learn about all the ins and outs of the ambulance remounting industry. In this week’s ETA Ride-along, I’ll discuss my role with the ETA team and what I’ve learned so far about the world of emergency medical services and their transportation needs.

Getting Started with Ambulance Remounts

During my first few days, I got set up with my email and account to start reaching out to different people about ETA’s ambulance remount services. I had to search for all of the directors of emergency medical services for each county in North Carolina. Once I finished finding this information, I was able to email them and hoped that they would respond and be interested in our ambulance remount capabilities. Even if they’re not interested, it helps when they respond to let us know that we could take them off of our list of possible clients. 

After receiving their responses, I forward them to my boss and see what we can do with the information they gave us. We hired a new sales associate for ambulance remounts in North Carolina, so I sent emails to all of the counties in the state introducing him to them in hopes of making another connection and getting their business. I then reached out to the counties in South Carolina to introduce them to our South Carolina sales associate.

Delivering an Ambulance Remount in North Carolina

I was able to go on a delivery in my first few days here as well, and was able to ride in the ambulance that we were delivering. We drove two and a half hours in the ambulance to drop it off to a buyer, and I got to see the process of delivering and dropping off an ambulance first-hand. It was a great experience that taught me a lot about ambulances and all of the different kinds of ambulances that I didn’t even know existed!

ETA also does a lot more than just deliver ambulances: They bring the ambulance to their location in Rock Hill, South Carolina and they will do just about anything that needs to be done to the ambulance, including remounts, graphics installation, and light installation. Whatever their request, ETA can fulfill the buyers’ wants and needs to satisfy their unique requirements.

ETA: A Worthwhile Internship!

Not only is ETA an excellent place to work in terms of learning about the ambulance remounting industry, but it’s also a great place to learn and grow as a business professional. As a college student, this is a great opportunity for me to learn about how businesses operate and a great way to introduce me to the business world. I am hoping that being in this position will give me good experience in the real world as I prepare to graduate college. And who knows: With all the fascinating things I’ve learned so far about the ambulance remount industry, I may just end up joining the ETA team on a full-time basis down the road!

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