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Medical professionals have enough to worry about without adding ambulance needs to the mix. Many medical facilities choose to purchase brand-new ambulances that cost thousands of dollars and take months to deliver. By choosing ambulance remounts in South Carolina, medical workers can effectively reduce the cost and time it takes to secure safer, more reliable emergency vehicles.

ETA proudly provides ambulance remounting services throughout South Carolina. With more than 40 years of combined industry experience among our team, we’re committed to delivering the safe, reliable, affordable solutions medical professionals need to serve their patients. Save time, money, and your vehicles by contacting ETA for your SC ambulance remounts today!


Why Choose Ambulance Remounts in South Carolina?

Emergency vehicles must adhere to specific standards set forth by the Federal Specification for the Star-of-Life Ambulance (KKK-A-1822F); Ground Vehicle Standard (GVS) v1.0; and the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). These standards ensure ambulance safety through design, performance, and testing guidelines. Ensuring your ambulance meets these standards can be extremely expensive — especially if your solution is to purchase a new vehicle each time the standards are updated. The following advantages illustrate why ambulance remounts in South Carolina are slowly becoming the preferred method for ensuring vehicular safety and compliance

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ETA for South Carolina’s Ambulance Remount Needs!

When your job is saving lives, the vehicle you drive matters. South Carolina ambulance remounts provide a timely, cost-effective solution for enhancing the safety and compliance of your emergency vehicles. Whether you’re looking to convert a Type I ambulance to a Type III or vice-versa, there’s no job too complex for our team to handle. Contact ETA to get started with your ambulance remount in South Carolina today!

Cost Savings

ETA’s ambulance remounting services can provide medical professionals with up to 45% savings compared to the cost of purchasing a new ambulance.

Time Savings

Rather than waiting 6 – 9 months for a new emergency vehicle, South Carolina ambulance remounts by ETA can be delivered in just 30 – 90 days. 

Vehicle Savings

 Today’s ambulances are designed to withstand between three and five remounts, allowing medical professionals to get the most out of their emergency vehicle purchase. 

ETA’s ambulance remounting services are proudly performed right here in the United States. Our team of remounting professionals has helped improve the safety and compliance of thousands of emergency vehicles throughout their four decades of combined industry experience. Start saving time and money on your emergency vehicle needs by contacting ETA for ambulance remounts in South Carolina today.

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