Prisma Health Ambulance Service

Vehicle Details
Vehicle Make Dodge 2500 ProMaster
Customer Prisma Health Ambulance Service
Vechile Mission Basic Life Support / Advanced Life Support
Module Manufacturer FR Conversions
Delivery Date 5-6-2020
Chassis Dodge ProMaster 2500 RAM
  • All aluminium cabinets
  • Wise child safety seat
  • Pullout easy lift O2 with digital O2 shut off
  • HVAC
  • Custom console
  • Fenix control head
  • Bench-style seating with 6-point harness
  • Backlit led cabinets
  • Red night vision lights
  • 2000 watt inverter
  • All LED lighting package
  • Reinforced rear bumper and running boards
  • Sirens and PA

Headquartered in the Emergency Medical Services building on the Oconee Medical Campus, our experienced EMS staff is on duty 24 hours a day to respond to 911 medical or trauma related emergencies, emergent and non-emergent inter-facility transports and non-emergent medically necessary transports such as dialysis or physician appointments. Our EMS operates under the medical direction of our emergency department physicians who stay in constant communication to determine whether your best treatment option is our emergency department or another facility.

From cardiac to respiratory care, trauma to transports, more than 45 medics provide both basic and advanced levels of care to area residents. Oconee Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provides ambulance medical transport services along with advanced and basic life support to residents of Oconee County and surrounding communities.