Listing FAQ

What’s the purpose of the marketplace?

Over the course of our careers, we have seen a need for a central location where customers can list their vehicles for liquidation. Through customer conversations, we found other listing sites that required transaction fees or had insufficient listing pages. We aimed to resolve this with our marketplace.

We want to expand the first responder community by creating a marketplace that promotes networking and interaction. We supply the platform where you can connect with other EMS, rescue squads, fire and police departments across the country.

Is there a transaction fee upon the sale of a vehicle?

No, there are no transaction fees on the ETA marketplace! Our goal is to help buyers and sellers across the United States network with each other. Buyers will find all of your information on your ad page and can reach out to you directly.

How do I cancel my Ad subscription?

To cancel your subscription please fill out the Cancel ad Form

What is the benefit of the Premium ad?

Vehicles listed with the premium ad will be listed first on marketplace and have a Facebook ad. We take your listing and create a dynamic Facebook ad, specifically targeting vehicle buyers. This ensures your vehicle is seen by potential customers within the first 24 - 72 hours.

What is the benefit of the Featured ad?

Featured ads will be the first vehicles listed on the listings pages so customers that visit the ETA marketplace will see your vehicles first.

Can you help me list my first ad?

Of course! We would love to help you. Just give us a call or email at and we will reach out to you ASAP. We also have a digital assistant ready to help you.

How does the listing process work?

We wanted to make this process as simple as possible! The first thing you will do is purchase your ad (basic, featured or premium) and pay for it. The first 30days are free. Once completed, you will go to the listings page, create your vehicle listing, and submit for publishing.

What do I do once my vehicle is sold?

Once you have sold your vehicle,  go into your profile and click on “your listings”. Hover over the picture of the vehicle and click on the “mark as sold” button. Once you do this, your vehicle will be taken off the site. To cancel your ad and stop recurring payments you must fill out the Cancel Ad Form

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