National Transport LLC

Vehicle Details
Vehicle Make Dodge 2500 ProMaster
Customer National Transport LLC
Vechile Mission Basic Life Support
Module Manufacturer FR Conversions
Delivery Date 6-12-2020
Chassis Dodge ProMaster 2500 RAM
  • All aluminium cabinets
  • Pullout easy lift o2 lift
  • HVAC
  • Custom Console
  • Fenix Control Head
  • Backlit LED Cabinets
  • Red Night Vision Lights
  • 2000 Watt Inverter
  • Expansive Front Drivers Area with full front-seat functionality
  • Extra Lockable Storage
  • Swivel Seat Instead of a bench seat
  • EKG Monitoring slide-out drawer
  • An expansive Patient area with Bariatric capable aisle.
  • All LED Lighting (FR & Fenix)
  • The reinforced rear bumper and running boards
  • Siren and PA
  • Backup Camera
Cos Retention System
  • Ferno Universal Cot and Stair Chair retention system

Emergency Transportation Associates, LLC (ETA) is a diversified emergency vehicles service and business operations provider. With customer service at the forefront of everything we do, ETA prides ourselves on being an industry leader in emergency services and customer satisfaction.

Founded in September of 2019, ETA is a family owned and operated business located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Our mission is to be the premier sales and service provider to emergency medical services, rescue squads, fire departments, emergency management and police departments.

ETA’s leadership has 40+ years of experience serving emergency services throughout the Southeastern United States of America. Dedicated to customer service in every stage of the procurement process, we work with clients closely to create customized solutions based on individual department needs.