Ambulance Remounts in North Carolina

Ambulance remounts offer medical workers a cost-effective, expedited method for updating the safety standards in their emergency vehicles. Purchasing a brand-new ambulance is not only expensive, it’s also time-consuming and forces medical professionals to utilize sub-standard vehicles as they wait for their purchase to arrive. By choosing ambulance remounts in North Carolina with ETA, medical facilities can save money, time, and emergency vehicles themselves.

ETA provides high-quality ambulance remounts in North Carolina, boasting a combined 40+ years of experience in the industry. Our team is dedicated to delivering dependable, safe, and cost-effective ambulance solutions to medical teams throughout the southeastern United States. Get the reliable, affordable emergency vehicles you need exactly when you need them by contacting ETA today!


Advantages of Ambulance Remounts in North Carolina

North Carolina ambulance remounts offer plenty of unique benefits when compared to shelling out for a brand-new vehicle. Advantages of ambulance remounts include:

  • Cost Savings: By selecting ambulance remounting services with ETA, medical professionals can expect to save between 30% – 45% compared to the cost of purchasing a new ambulance.
  • Time Savings: Ambulance remounts dramatically reduce the time it takes to secure a safer, updated emergency vehicle. Rather than waiting 6 – 9 months for a new vehicle, ETA can provide a remounted ambulance in as little as 30 days!
  • Vehicle Savings: Manufacturers build ambulances with the expectation that they’ll be remounted between three and five times throughout their lifespan. Whether converting a Type I to Type III or vice-versa, ambulance remounts in North Carolina provide a quick and cost-effective solution for securing safe, compliant emergency vehicles when you need them most.
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ETA for North Carolina Ambulance Remounts

Emergencies don’t wait until it’s convenient, so why should you wait longer than necessary for your ambulance needs? By selecting ambulance remounts with ETA, we’ll deliver the emergency vehicles you need at a cost and timeframe that meets your specifications. Proudly providing ambulance remounts in North Carolina, there’s no better team for your emergency vehicle needs than ETA. Contact us to get started with your ambulance remount project today!

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