Prisma Health Ambulance Service – Wreck Repair – Chevrolet 4500 Type I

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Chassis Make


Chassis Model


Chassis Year


Module Manufacturer

Frazer Built, LTD

Box Length


Fuel Type


Certified Too

Triple K

Interior Color


Exterior Color

White/PHAS Wrap

Been Remounted


Module Features

  • 120 Volt HVAC
  • 30amp shoreline
  • Stryker PowerLOAD
  • Aluminum Interior Construction
  • Restocking Interior Cabinets
  • Liquid Springs Suspension
  • LED Exterior Lighting Package
  • Child Safety Seat
  • Squad Bench
  • Switch & Relay
  • Ranch Hand Grille Guard
  • MEPS Power

Sellers Note

This unit has been brought back to like-new condition. This Type 1 Ambulance was unfortunately involved in a wreck which resulted in front-end damage. The entire front end of the vehicle had to be replaced and repaired. The ETA team worked hard to bring this unit back to life and took the opportunity to add a few extra lights!

This is a Frazer Built 14-foot module on a Chevrolet 4500 Type I Chassis.

If your service is in need of wreck repair services please reach out to Emergency Transportation Associates to start the process.


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