WiT Group Services

WiT Group is a full-service marketing agency, dedicated to providing our clients with a 360° marketing mix – whatever the need may be. We don’t sell any particular product or service, our job is to provide our clients in the emergency medical services industry with whatever services they need in order to be successful. Whatever it takes.

Emergency Transportation Marketing Services

We drive relevant web traffic to your website using a multi-channel marketing mix in the most efficient and effective ways possible. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients by maximizing their ROI from marketing and advertising efforts.


Lead Generation


Emergency Transportation Creative Services

We provide our clients with traditional creative advertising services including graphic design, web design, creative content creation, logo and branding, as well as videography, social media, and other media that leverage creative concepts and breathtaking visuals to build long-term value into your brand.




Emergency Transportation Strategic Business Services

Every campaign, initiative, or project, regardless of size, starts with an approved strategy. We extend beyond what marketing agencies traditionally provide their clients by also offering business consulting services and strategic evaluation for our clients.

Strategic Development

Data Analysis

CRM Service

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