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Medical facilities in Louisiana are turning to ETA’s ambulance remounts as an effective and cost-saving solution for sourcing emergency vehicles. With four decades of combined industry experience, ETA offers the best remounting services in Louisiana! Our team provides medical professionals with cost-effective and reliable transportation solutions to serve their patients. At ETA, we understand how valuable time and resources are - let us help you save yours while getting your ambulances up to standard so that they can provide an outstanding service for your loved ones. Now is the perfect time to contact our experts - get started today!

ambulance remounted in Louisiana

Why Choose Ambulance Remounts in Louisiana?

Ensuring that ETA professional ambulance remounting services adhere to the Federal Specification for Star-of-Life Ambulance (KKK-A-1822F), Ground Vehicle Standard (GVS) v1.0, and National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) criteria is critical for ambulance safety and assurance. Constant purchasing of new vehicles in order to stay up with current regulations can be expensive; however, Louisiana ambulances have found remounts provide a more cost effective solution while achieving vehicular security as well as delivering other added advantages listed below.

white and yellow Louisiana ambulance remount
the interior of a Louisiana ambulance remount

ETA for Louisiana’s Ambulance Remount Needs!

In life-or-death situations, having the proper emergency vehicle is paramount. That's why ETA Ambulance Remounts in Louisiana are your ideal solution for updating and optimizing your emergency vehicles for maximum safety and compliance. Our expert team can handle any challenge - whether it be converting a Type I ambulance to a Type III or vice versa! Get started on remounting with ETA today so that you never have to worry when lives depend upon it.

Cost Savings

Instead of buying a new ambulance, why not remount yours with ETA's services instead? You can save up to 45% - that's more than enough for you and your medical staff to reap the benefits.

Time Savings

For Louisiana customers needing emergency vehicles, ETA's remount service is the perfect solution; with a turnaround of 30-90 days, you'll never have to wait 6-9 months for a new vehicle again!


Vehicle Savings

Medical professionals can maximize their investments when purchasing emergency vehicles because ambulances today are designed to be remounted multiple times - often up to three or five. This extended lifespan allows them to reap the rewards of a long-term expenditure.

ETA is proud to offer ambulance remounting services, performed right here in the United States. Our team of experienced professionals has provided superior safety and compliance for thousands of ambulances, with decades of experience in the industry. Reach out to ETA for all your remount needs in Alabama and start saving time and money today!

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