Palmetto Rural Fire Department – Type I Ambulance Remount – Dodge D5500

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Module Features

  • HVAC
  • 20amp shoreline
  • Stryker PowerLOAD
  • Aluminum Interior Construction
  • Liquid Springs Suspension
  • LED Exterior Lighting Package
  • Cooling Cabinet
  • Child Safety Seat
  • Squad Bench

Sellers Note

ETA is proud to present the successful remounting of an ambulance for the Palmetto Rural Fire Department. This project involved upgrading and modernizing the existing ambulance with state-of-the-art medical equipment and advanced technology. Our team tailored the vehicle to meet the specific needs of the department, ensuring enhanced safety features and a customized interior layout for optimal efficiency. Rigorous testing and inspections were conducted to guarantee the highest standards of safety and performance. The result is a durable, reliable ambulance equipped to provide top-notch emergency services to the community. For more information about our remounting services, please contact ETA.

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