Galveston County ESD #2 – Type I Ambulance Remount – Dodge Ram

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Chassis Make


Chassis Model


Module Manufacturer

Frazer Built, LTD

Fuel Type


Certified Too

Triple - K

Interior Color


Exterior Color


Been Remounted


Module Features

  • HVAC
  • 30amp shoreline
  • 1500 Watt Inverter
  • Liquid Springs Suspension
  • LED Exterior Lighting Package
  • Child Safety Seat
  • Squad Bench
  • Ranch Hand Grille Guard

Sellers Note

Today, we extend a heartfelt "Thank You" to Galveston County, Texas, for choosing us for their recent purchase of a Dodge Ram Type I remount.

It's a privilege to stand alongside Galveston County in their commitment to enhancing emergency medical services.  The Dodge Ram Type I remount embodies our dedication to providing top-notch, reliable solutions that empower communities to respond swiftly to those in need.

A special shoutout to the incredible EMS services in Galveston County! Your dedication, courage, and tireless efforts in safeguarding the community don't go unnoticed. We appreciate the invaluable work you do every day, and we're honored to play a part in supporting your mission through our remount services.

At Emergency Transportation Associates, we're not just remounting ambulances; we're revitalizing lifelines. Thank you, Galveston County, for choosing us as your partner in lifesaving endeavors.

As we celebrate this delivery, let it be a collective applause for the dedication, compassion, and resilience of our EMT heroes. Together, we continue to shape the future of emergency medical services, ensuring communities receive the care they deserve.

Stay tuned for more updates on how Emergency Transportation Associates is proud to be part of this vital journey!

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