Ambulance Remounts in Missouri

ETA has over 20 years of experience remounting ambulances in Missouri. Our team has the expertise to consistently deliver excellent results and vehicles that fits the exact needs of our customers. We specialize in mounting and outfitting ambulances with everything you need to meet regulated safety standards and exceed our customer's expectations.

Remounting an existing vehicle with the latest safety features can ensure staff and patients are provided with a safe, secure, and efficient medical care. Our Missouri ambulance remount team is highly experienced on all types of ambulances, and provide valuable assistance throughout the entire remounting process.

ambulance remount in missouri

Advantages of Ambulance Remounts in Missouri

Remount an ambulance to order or renovate current ambulances with new equipment in a successful and time-efficient manner

  • Cost Savings: Missouri Ambulance remounts are customized to the specifications of your fleet and medical personnel, we ensure that all equipment is safely integrated into each vehicle. Utilizing our services will help you save money on purchasing an entirely new ambulance.
  • Time Savings: Ambulances regularly take 24 months to be delivered. Our skilled engineers can help you customize medical cabinets, climate control systems, and any other features requested will be fully updated and delivered in just 30 days.
  • Vehicle Savings: Ambulance Remounts are faster and more cost-effective than purchasing an entirely new vehicle. We provide a safe environment with a prominent experience while maintaining a budget-friendly price.


driver side of an ambulance remounted in Missouri
the inside of an ambulance remounted in missouri

Choose ETA for Missouri Ambulance Remounts

We pride ourselves on creating the safest environment and delivering quality remounts that are customizable for your specific requirements and budget. Our highly experienced ambulance remount technicians are experienced in all makes and models of ambulances.  We are dedicated to meeting all of our Missouri customer's needs with the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

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