Vital Care EMS of South Carolina

Vehicle Details
Vehicle Make Dodge 2500 ProMaster
Customer Vital Care EMS of South Carolina
Vechile Mission Basic Life Support
Module Manufacturer FR Conversions
Delivery Date 6-12-2020
Chassis Dodge ProMaster 2500 RAM
  • All aluminium cabinets
  • Wise child safety seat
  • Pullout easy lift O2 with digital O2 shut off
  • HVAC
  • Custom console
  • Fenix control head
  • Bench-style seating with 6-point harness
  • Backlit led cabinets
  • Red night vision lights
  • All LED lighting package
  • Reinforced rear bumper and running boards
  • Sirens and PA
Cos Retention System
  • Stryker PerformacneLOAD
Emergency Lighting
  • Fenix and FR Conversions

Vital Care EMS is committed to responding to the changing needs of an expanded service area and being a recognized leader in an innovative, cost-effective, clinically sophisticated delivery of comprehensive medical transportation services throughout South Carolina.
Since 2009, our specialized fleet of ambulances and wheelchair vans provides reliable and courteous medical transportation services to and from healthcare and rehabilitation facilities, physician practices, hospitals, therapy service, medical treatments (such as dialysis, wound care, radiation, etc) and much more. We have highly skilled crews on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide the best possible response time and transportation to our patients.

Vital Care EMS works closely with each and every patient, as well as the patient’s family and health care provider, to provide compassionate and individualized care that fits their needs. We know that quality care and service is important to you and that is what we provide at the lowest cost possible. We strive to provide a pleasant experience for both our patients and facility partners; we are committed to being even better tomorrow than we are today.