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ETA Ride-along: Ambulance Remounts & More with Eric Vogl II

For the team at ETA, our days are often packed from beginning to end as we tend to the needs of our clients. Whether we’re traveling between North and South Carolina to demo one of our ambulance remounts or discussing our services with potential customers, it’s never a dull moment when riding along with the ETA crew. 

To give our clients a better idea of how we spend our days, I documented a day in the life of the ETA team on July 9, 2020. Read on to discover how I and the rest of the team tackle ambulance remounts in North Carolina!

Demo FR Conversions Pioneer II from Vital Care EMS

My days start at 5 a.m. sharp (typically to the tune of 90’s hip-hop hits thanks to my Amazon music station alarm). On this particular Thursday, I went to meet my South Carolina sales rep, Andy, at the Holiday Inn. By 6 a.m., we were ready to hit the road in the FR Conversions Pioneer II that one of our awesome customers, Vital Care EMS, allowed us to pick up and show for the day. 

During the 2.5-hour drive to our demo, Andy and I discuss ways in which he can tap into the ambulance remount market in his territory as well as the topics we’ll cover during our demo. We arrive in Raleigh by 9 a.m. (30 minutes early!) to meet with our North Carolina Sales Associate, Scott, and take the extra time to set up, walk around the ambulance, go over any anticipated questions, and ensure the vehicle is clean. 

The key to a successful demo is ensuring the vehicle is set up as best as possible so potential customers can see how it will look in their fleet. We were really thankful to get permission from the kind folks at Vital Care EMS to showcase the FR Conversions Pioneer II: It was clean, had graphics installed, and was pre-wired for their cot retention system, allowing potential customers to get a real feel for this vehicle in action.

Type III Ambulance Remount Consultation

The demo lasted about an hour and a half, and after we finished a prospect wanted us to review one of their Type III ambulances for a potential remount. Ambulance remounts are when we take a costumer’s module, dismount it from the older chassis, and remount it to a new chassis. Once the ambulance is remounted, we’ll make any requested upgrades and redeliver it to the customer. It’s an incredibly cost-effective way for first responders to update their ambulances, saving them between 30 – 45% compared to the cost of a new vehicle purchase. 

This particular ambulance remount review took another hour to complete as we made sure to carefully document all information gained through the conversation and upload it into our project management system. By 12:30 p.m., Andy and I are ready to say goodbye to Scott and redeliver the FR Conversions Pioneer II back to Vital Care EMS. After dropping off the vehicle, Andy drops me off at my car back at the Holiday Inn and it’s already 3:30. It’s been a productive day meeting with new customers and sharing ETA’s services, and I’m ready to enjoy the best part of the day: Picking up my son from daycare!

All in a Day’s Work at ETA

At ETA, we’re committed to providing customers with the one-on-one interaction they need to make an informed purchasing decision for their emergency fleets. By demonstrating our ambulance remount capabilities in action, customers are able to better understand how choosing ETA for their emergency vehicle service needs can benefit their teams. Want to meet myself and the team for a live demo? Contact us today to inquire about our ambulance remounts in North Carolina!

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